Thousandsticks game

The thousandstick match from The Immortals

Thousandsticks was a game invented in the Third Age of Flight.

The aim was to reach the ladder in the middle of the stadium in the Silver Pastures and climb it, reaching the platform above, without ever touching the ground below the walkways and hills. As the game progressed, more and more people would be removed from the game, and it would eventually boil down to a few contenders. It could be played with multiple teams. In Great Glade the annual thousandsticks match was traditionally participated in by twelve teams, one for each of the city's districts.

There were twelve opening tracks for the teams to march out to the field on, an outer track that connected six hills to the starting tracks (controlling a hill was key as it gave a terrain advantage in fights and allowed access to the snake tracks). There were two snake tracks that snaked around either 3 or 4 hills, depending on the track. Only one hill had access to both tracks, making that hill very valuable strategically). Eventually, the snake tracks ended at one of two points on the inner track right next to the hill. On top of the hill was the ladder which, if scaled, would win the game.

Players wore thick armour, a padded helmet and a shoving glove. They each wielded a "thousandstick", an ironwood rod with a "claw" for sweeping and scooping and a "club" for pushing and shoving. They could use the sticks to attempt to knock opponents off of the raised tracks, which would remove the opponents from the game.

Thousandsticks players

Thousandstick players involved in a "shove" manoeuvre

The traditional strategy was for the teams to fight to gain control of the hills, forming strategic alliances with other teams to pick off competitors, and then attempt to either send runners to run to the hill and scale the ladders, or defeat other runners in a duel preventing them from scaling the hill, or sending blockers down the snake track to eliminate the other runners and sending a runner behind them. Blockers were usually tough and strong, and the runners usually fast and agile.

Thousandsticks Stadium

The thousandsticks stadium in the Silver Pastures district of Great Glade



Tensticks was a sports game played by the youth of Great Glade. It resembled Thousandsticks, but the number of players was reduced to ten.