Captain Thunderbolt Vulpoon was a Sky Pirate Captain and slave trader, the father of Deadbolt Vulpoon, and the first owner of the Skyraider. Vain and arrogant, Thunderbolt Vulpoon attempted to sell Twig and Cowlquape along with the rest of his slaves to the Shrykes during the events of Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, but Twig mutinied and sold him in their place and freed the ones in the cargo boxes. Vulpoon was killed in the Wig-Wig Arena, to Twig's dismay; he had not known that the slaves were to be thrown to the Wig-Wigs as entertainment.


Thunderbolt Vulpoon's son, Deadbolt Vulpoon, was not aware of the true circumstances of his father's death, believing that he had sacrificed himself to save Twig's life after the shrykes had sentenced Twig to death.

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