The sinister, evil Tower of Night.

The Tower of Night was a massive fortress constructed on the New Sanctaphrax rock. Vox Verlix originally designed the structure to give the upper levels to the Sky-Scholars and the lower levels to the Earth-Scholars, in order to prevent bickering and conflicts. However, the Guardians of Night seized the whole tower for themselves, casting out Vox, Amberfuce, and the Librarians.

Battles around the Tower of Night

Varis Lodd once attempted to attack the Tower of Night with a fleet of skycraft. The skycraft were outmatched by the Tower's defenses and the attack failed.

During the events of The Last of the Sky Pirates, Rook and Twig carried out a raid on the Tower of Night from the Skyraider in a rescue mission to save Cowlquape Pentephraxis. The attack was succesful and Cowlquape was rescued from the sinister tower.


The upper section of the Tower of Night.


The Tower of Night was a long, narrow, tapering building. In the center of the structure was the dungeon, a massive, hollowed-out room with perches at various points along the walls which prisoners were confined to. Though they were not technically enclosed on their perch, the only way off was to jump to certain death. Between the dungeon and the outer wall were the passageways and chambers in which the Guardians of Night themselves resided. Towards the top of the structure was Orbix Xaxis's personal chamber, and at the very top was Midnight's Spike.


The dungeons of the Tower of Night.


During the events of Vox, a massive lightning bolt from Dark Maelstrom burned the Tower of Night to the ground, killing all the Guardians of Night.

Sections of the Tower of Night

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