The Twilight Woods was a forest located between the Deepwoods and The Mire. Surrounded by an eternal twilight glow, those who entered the Twilight Woods gradually lost their memories, senses of self, and minds, but not their lives. The powers of the Twilight Woods resulted in an eternal living death. Occasionally, someone would find their way out of the Twilight Woods after decades or even centuries of wandering. Such individuals, known as Death-Cheaters, sometimes recovered over time, but most remained insane, lost, and weak.

The Twilight Woods attracted Great Storms, and stormphrax formed there. In the twilight glow, the stormphrax was gradually ground into phraxdust. Stormchasing voyages brought Knights Academic to the Twilight Woods to retrieve the stormphrax.

It was possible to resist the effects of the Twilight Woods if one kept one's mind constantly focused on one's identity and purpose. When Twig was lost there with the crew of the Stormchaser, this was how he managed to retain his wits long enough to escape. The Twilight Woods has no effect on shrykes, although waifs are even more susceptible than most, generally unable to cross the woods even with aid.

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