Ulbus Pentephraxis was a Leaguesman and the son of Ruptus Pentephraxis.



Ulbus Pentephraxis in his youth

In his youth, he was present at the battle of the Great Sky Whale. He fed Ice Fox information on the leagues' movements under the assumed name of "Pen", in order to lead the sky pirates into a trap. Ulbus also participated in the massive battle which took place during the events of Clash of the Sky Galleons, and brought Turbot Smeal to Ruptus Pentephraxis.


Though as ruthless as his father, Ulbus never had Ruptus's tactical skills, and thus never rose to the rank of High Leaguesmaster. Nevertheless, Ulbus still became a league captain, and gained a reputation for brutality in battles with sky pirates. Ulbus fought Cloud Wolf on multiple occasions, and was also the one who destroyed Stope's jaw.

When Ulbus realized that his son, Cowlquape, wasn't cut out to be a leaguesman, he bought Cowlquape a position in Sanctaphrax. Later on, he was killed when the rudder-wheel of the Edgedancer came crashing through the Leagues' Chamber and flattened him, along with Simenon Xintax and Farquhar Armwright.