This blog post is just for all the monthly polls that were done on the main page of the Edge Chronicles Wiki. Maybe someone can learn something from it, for example that most people prefer the Twig Saga and the First Age of Flight over everything else. Kind of oldfashioned, one might say ;)

If you have other suggestions for new polls, put them in the comments or add them to this conversation.

Poll results

  • The poll "Which is your favourite Edge Chronicles Saga?" ended on April 1st, 2017. 15 votes were cast and Twig got 53,33%, Rook 20%, Quint 13,33% and Nate and Cade each 6,67% of the votes.
  • The poll "In which Age of Flight would you like to live" ended on May 2nd, 2017. 16 votes were cast and the First Age of Flight got 62,5%, the Second Age of Flight 25% and the Third Age of Flight 12,5% of the votes.
  • Because 57.14% consider Sinew Verginix an important character, she was an option in the next month's poll which was "Which is your favourite female character?"
  • The poll "Which is your favourite female character?" ended on June 3rd, 2017. 13 votes were cast of which Maris got 7 (53.85%), Maugin 2 (15.38%) and Eudoxia, Magda, Keris and Celestia/Alcestia each 1 (7.69%) and Sinew 0.
  • The poll "Which fourthling do you hate the most?" ended on the 1st July 2017. 10 votes were cast of which Thaw Daggerslash got 3(30%), Vilnix Pompolnius got 2(20%), Vox Verlix, Hax Vostillix, Orbix Xaxis, Daxiel Xaxis and Drax Adereth each got 1(10%) and Turbot SmealScreedius Tollinix and Grint Grayle each got 0.
  • The poll "Which job in the Edge Chronicles would you most like to have?" ended on the 1st August 2017. 15 votes were cast of which Sky Pirate and Librarian Knight got 5 each(33.33%), Academic/Most High Academe and Freeglade Lancer got 2 votes each(13.33%), Phraxminer got 1(6.67%), and Knife Grinder , Leaguesman , Knights Academic , Woodcarver and Lamplighter got 0.
  • The poll "Which Deepwoods Creature would you least like to meet?" ended on the 1st September 2017. 12 votes were cast of which Wig-wigs got 9, Rotsuckers got 2, Hoverworms got 1, and Halitoads, Nameless Ones, Whitecollar Woodwolves and Logworms got 0.
  • The poll "Which place in the Edge would you like to visit most?" ended on the 1st October 2017. 22 votes were cast of which Sanctaphrax got 6(27.27%), Freeglades got 5(22.73%), Deepwoods got 3(13.64%), Riverrise got 2(9.09%), Farrow RidgesFoundry GladesGreat GladeMireUndertown and Twilight Woods got 1(4.55%), and New Sanctaphrax and New Undertown got 0.
  • 17 people participated in the october poll with the question "Which banderbear would you most like to meet?". 58,82% of the participants would like to meet the Anonymous Banderbear, 17.65% would like to meet Rook's friend Wumeru and only 11.76% would either befriend Twig's crew member Goom or Hubble, the albino banderbear who first served Thaw Daggerslash and then both Quint and Twig. No votes were cast in favour of Weelum, Nate's loyal companion in The Immortals.
  • The poll "What food in the Edge would you most like to try?" ended on December 1st, 2017. 18 votes were cast, of which 50% were in favour of Tilder Sausages and 16.67% in favour of Gyle Goblin Honey. Two persons wanted to try Hammelhorn Steaks and only one person the traditional Wodgiss Spiced Scones. Three brave people (or 16.67% of the voters) wanted to try Tripweed, certainly the most disgusting food on the Edge. But you don't know until you tried.
  • The poll "You are somewhere on the Edge and want to be home for Wodgiss Night. How do you prefer to travel the Deepwoods?" ended on January 2nd, 2018. 19 votes were cast of which Sky Ships got 11(58.89%), Skycraft got 4(21.05%), carried by Caterbird got 2(10.53%), Phraxships and Prowlgrin riding got 1(5.26%) and walking got 0.
  • The poll "Which edition of the Edge Chronicles do you like the most?" ended on the 1st February 2018. 34 votes were cast of which The Original UK hardcovers got 19 (55.88%), the reprinted UK paperbacks 5 (14.71%), the American hardcovers 17.65% and the new Covers with illustrations by Jeff Nentrup 3 (11.76%).
  • The poll "What is your favourite unique Edgeworld substance?" ended on February 28th, 2018. 49 votes were cast of which 57.14% (28) were for Flight-Rocks. Stormphrax with 22.45% of all votes (11), Phraxdust with 8.16% (4), Chine with 6.12% and Sky Crystals with 4.08% (3) were left far behind. Only one vote was cast in favour of Mole-Glue (2.04%).
  • The poll "Which creature would you prefer to have as a pet?" ended on 1st April, 2018. 38 votes were cast of which Prowlgrins won with the vast majority of 57.79%(22). White Ravens were left second with 13.16%(5) of the votes, followed by Lemkins with 13.16(4) of the votes. Flitterwaifs got 3 votes(7.89%) and Ratbirds got 2(5.26%). Only one vote was cast for Quarms and Nameless Ones(2.63%).
  • In our April Fools Joke poll "Why did we even start the monthly polls?" 7 people voted and it ended on the 2nd April 2018. 3 of those people (42.86%) thought the FBI wanted to know what you thought about the Edge Chronicles and 2 people(28.57%) of people thought it was to make the Edge Chronicles Wiki more interesting. 1 vote(14.29%)was cast for both all Martingloamg's fault and Gloamglozer's fault. No one thought it was to collect statisitically relevant infomation, to collect a census about how many people were using the websites or they just magically appeared. 
  • The poll "Which kind of Deepwoods settlement would you most like to visit?" ended on May 3rd, 2018. A slaughterer camp got the overwhelming majority with 25 votes (62.5%), 10 votes (25%) were cast in favour of a woodtroll village, 4 people wanted to visit a gyle goblin colony and only one vote was cast in favour of a Termagant Trog cave.
  • The poll "Which is your favourite building?" ended on the 1st June 2018, with a total of 23 votes. The winner was Knights Academy claiminga massive 43.48%(10 votes), followed by Lake Landing Academy, Blatch Helmstoft’s Cabin and Tower of Night with 3 votes each(13.04%). 2 votes(8.7%) were cast for Gilmora and Gomber’s Lamphouse, yet only 1 vote(4.35%) was cast for both The Hulks and The Palace of Shadows. No one voted for the Great Mire Road.

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