This blog post is just for all the monthly polls that were done on the main page of the Edge Chronicles Wiki. Maybe someone can learn something from it, for example that most people prefer the Twig Saga and the First Age of Flight over everything else. Kind of oldfashioned, one might say ;) If you have other suggestions for new polls, put them in the comments.

Poll results

  • The poll "Which is your favourite Edge Chronicles Saga?" ended on April 1st, 2017. 15 votes were cast and Twig got 53,33%, Rook 20%, Quint 13,33% and Nate and Cade each 6,67% of the votes.
  • The poll "In which Age of Flight would you like to live" ended on May 2nd, 2017. 16 votes were cast and the First Age of Flight got 62,5%, the Second Age of Flight 25% and the Third Age of Flight 12,5% of the votes.
  • Because 57.14% consider Sinew Verginix an important character, she will be an option in this month's poll which is "Which is your favourite female character?"
  • The poll "Which is your favourite female character?" ended on June 3rd, 2017. 13 votes were cast of which Maris got 7 (53.85%), Maugin 2 (15.38%) and Eudoxia, Magda, Keris and Celestia/Alcestia each 1 (7.69%) and Sinew 0.

Registered users can only cast one vote. Unregistered voters may have voted several times.

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