"When did you last feel the warm sun on your back, Alquix Venvax? Or rain in your face, or the wind in your beard? When did you last see the stars?"
-Varis Lodd

Varis Lodd was the daughter of Fenbrus Lodd, the sister of Felix Lodd, and one of the bravest and greatest Librarian Knights who ever lived. She rescued Rook after finding him in an abandoned banderbear nest while she was writing her book titled "A Study of Banderbears' Behaviour in Their Natural Habitat". She spent much of her life defending the Free Glades, and died in the great battle with the Foundry Glade.

In the Third Age of Flight, Zelphyius Dax named his skycraft the Varis Lodd. One of the largest skycraft ever created, the ship had a carving of Varis as its figurehead.