Menisculis, a nightwaif.

Waifs were small, wiry, frail beings with incredibly acute auditory senses. Waifs' large, batlike ears were capable of hearing everything, spoken and unspoken. This ability to hear thoughts evolved as the sole method of communication in the dark and treacherous Nightwoods, but was a crippling overcompensation in crowded, bustling places such as Undertown and Sanctaphrax. Waifs' skills were both despised and reviled by those whose minds were intruded upon and prized by those who used their abilities for evil purposes.


Though all waifs shared a frail physique and the power to read thoughts, they were divided into many distinct species.

Personality and Uses

The majority of waifs created the illusion of vulnerability, but in fact most waifs were very clever and cunning. Like all creatures, the personalities may vary from friendly and kind to cruel and greedy.

Some waifs worked as assassins-for-hire, hunting down and killing individuals, often offering their services to Leaguesmen. However, a great many were of neutral morality and some were good. In the Third Age of Flight, many waifs worked as medics or store owners in the City of Riverise. Flitterwaifs-known for their blood-thirsty nature in the wild-are kept as pets in Riverise. 

Notable Waifs

In the Quint Trilogy

A list of waifs from the Quint Trilogy.

In the Twig Trilogy

A list of waifs from the Twig Trilogy.

In the Rook Trilogy

A list of waifs from the Rook Trilogy.

In The Lost Barkscrolls

In The Immortals

In Weird New Worlds

Naming Phonology

Different waif species often had different naming conventions. The suffix "-cule" or "-ule" was often attached to the names of Nightwaifs (as in Forficule, Partifule, Fevercule...), and the suffix "-fuce" was often attached to the names of Ghostwaifs (as in Amberfuce and Carrafuce). The suffix "-esse" was common among female waifs (such as Cancaresse, Thornesse, and Threnodesse).

The naming convention for Waterwaifs was far different than those of any other species of waif. Waterwaif names typically were a combination of a tree-related word and a word relating to aquatic life. Examples include Woodfish, Barkscale, and Codsap.

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