"Breathe. Feel. Fly"

"Whisp", short for "Whisperer", was the headgroom of Tillman Spoke. Really named Feldia, her father was a prowlgrin breeder for the Grossmothers in Hive. Whisp was raised together with the prowlgrins and thus formed a very special bond with them, and when her father lost his job after the Glorious Revolution she became the headgroom in Tillman Spoke's stables. Her personal favourite, the prowlgrin Dominix had grown up with her and was considered very old for a prowlgrin. Nevertheless, as an experienced prowlgrin rider, Whisp won a Hive high-jumping, beating Cade in the second race, and saving Tillman Spoke's prowlgrin bussiness. Whisp was highly respected for her skills and called the Whisperer because she used to talk to her prowlgrin before and whilst racing.