The Wig-Wig Arena.

The Wig-Wig Arena was a stadium in the Great Shryke Slave Market. Various individuals and creatures were sent into the Arena and pitted against wig-wigs, and spectators would bet on outcomes, such as the length of time that the individual could hold the wig-wigs off, or how many wig-wigs would be killed or injured. Twig and Cowlquape visited the Wig-Wig Arena in Midnight Over Sanctaphrax. They witnessed Thunderbolt Vulpoon being slaughtered, and rescued Goom from being pitted against the wig-wigs. Then, Twig severed the ropes on Mother Muleclaw's royal box, sending her plunging into the arena. In The Last of the Sky Pirates, it was mentioned that a Wig-Wig Arena also existed in the Eastern Roost.