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Wig-wigs were small, orange, fluffy creatures with terrible ferocity, found in the Deepwoods. They hunted in packs and devoured every scrap of their prey, leaving no evidence of their kill behind them. Wig-wigs did not need to drink water, as they obtained their moisture from their food. They were known to gather below elevated shryke roosts, awaiting all manner of creatures either to fall from the gangways above, or be cast out by the shrykes. Wig-wigs at first sight often created a false image of cute and friendly creatures, as noted by Twig; that was, until they opened their mouths. They were feared by all who knew of their temperament and ferocity.

Role in the Twig trilogy

Wig-wigs devoured Twig's Anonymous Banderbear friend during the events of Beyond the Deepwoods. Later on, Twig saw Wig-wigs devour Thunderbolt Vulpoon in the Wig-Wig Arena of the Great Shryke Slave Market.

Role in the Rook trilogy

Rook saw massive clusters of wig-wigs on the forest floor beneath The Eastern Roost.

Role in The Immortals

Ouilhelm and wigiwgs copy

Weelum fighting the Wig-Wigs (french edition of the Immortals)

banderbear friend, Weelum, was attacked by Wig-wigs in the Deepwoods during the events of The Immortals. Nate managed to set the wig-wigs on fire, and they retreated.

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