"Not even here in this place of ghosts and demons and half-formed things...will you be safe from my vengeance!"

-Wind Jackal

Captain Wind Jackal (born Orlis Verginix) was the captain of the sky ship, the Galerider. He married Hirmina Lintrax, and they had six children: Lucius, Centix, Murix, Pellius, Martilius, and Quintinius.

In his youth, Wind Jackal was friends with Linius Pallitax. Linius became the Most High Academe of Sanctaphrax, and Wind Jackal became the most successful sky pirate in Undertown. The two of them had ambitions to put an end to the corruption and intrigue in the twin cities. However, Wind Jackal suffered a terrible tragedy. Wind Jackal's evil quartermaster, Turbot Smeal, set the Great Fire of the Western Quays, killing Hirmina and all of Wind Jackal's sons except for Quint. Quint then joined Wind Jackal as a sky pirate, and the two of them shared many adventures.

After the Battle of the Great Sky Whale, Wind Jackal and Quint sailed to Sanctaphrax, in response to a summons sent by Linius Pallitax. The Most High Academe took on Quint as his apprentice, and Wind Jackal left to continue his sky piracy.

Later on, during the events of Clash of the Sky Galleons, Wind Jackal set off with Quint on a quest to find kill Turbot Smeal. However, Turbot Smeal always seemed to be one step ahead of Wind Jackal, laying false trails and fatal traps. Eventually, it was revealed that the one attempting to kill Wind Jackal and take the Galerider for himself was not the real Turbot Smeal, who had, in fact, perished in the Great Fire of the Western Quays. The impostor was actually Wind Jackal's friend, Thaw Daggerslash, who wanted to take Wind Jackal's place as captain of the Galerider. However, Quint eventually managed to kill Thaw Daggerslash, avenging the death of his father.

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