"I needed your courage, your stubbornness and most of all, your loyalty. We all needed that. And we still do."


Woodfish was a waterwaif and a crew member of the Edgedancer. Twig found him in Flabsweat's pet shop and rescued him. Later, on the quest to find his missing crew members, Twig found Woodfish in the Woodtroll village where he grew up.

When Twig was sky-fired from Riverrise, Woodfish stayed for several years with Maugin and Goom. After many years, Woodfish left, carrying hollow fruits filled with water from the Riverrise spring. He traveled the Edge for several centuries, kept alive by the properties of the water. His travels took him to the Farrow Ridges, where he met Forden Drew. Soon after, he left to continue wandering in the Deepwoods, his supply of water nearly exhausted, but his mind at peace with the prospect of his mortality.

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