A male woodtroll carrying an axe

Woodtrolls were a variety of troll with a short, stocky build. Peaceful and social creatures, they predominantly dwelt in villages in the Deepwoods, though some could be found in Undertown. They ran timber-yards and traded with sky pirates and Leaguesmen. woodtrolls were known for their hospitality, and, unlike the trogs and goblins, accepted fourthlings into their midst.

Cloud Wolf and Maris were forced to leave their child, Twig in a woodtroll village. Twig was brought up in the village until the age of 13 by the Snatchwoods.

The woodtroll Welma Thornwood could apparently see glisters more clearly than fourthlings, suggesting that this was a woodtroll trait.

Notable Woodtrolls


A female woodtroll, Welma Thornwood

Notable Individuals with Woodtroll Blood

Notable Woodtroll Settlements