Zelphyius Dax.

"My name is Zelphyius Dax, and I have news of your daughter."
-Zelphyius Dax

Zelphyius Dax was a Third-Age Librarian Scholar. He owned a skycraft called the Varis Lodd.

Role in The Lost Barkscrolls

Zelphyius Dax appeared in the introduction of The Lost Barkscrolls, though he was not mentioned by name at the time. He discovered the four missing barkscrolls that told long-forgotten tales of the Edge.

Role in The Immortals

Later, during the events of The Immortals, Zelphyius Dax helped Nate Quarter and Eudoxia Prade to reach Riverrise. He then sailed to Hive, and informed Galston Prade that his daughter was alive.

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